New song release and more! 

Hello Friends!

February 1st is going to be an exciting day!  I will be releasing a new song from my upcoming album, and I will also be featured in Baltimore's Snapshot by Nick Hanyok Imaging!

The upcoming album is due to come out in the Spring of 2018, and is coming along great.  I continue to learn so much with this project, and cannot wait to share these songs with you!!

The Baltimore Snapshot project is a fantastic look into the artists of Baltimore City and includes exclusive photos and interviews of these artists.  I encourage you to check it out and also to submit other talented artists of Baltimore!

For a sneak peak of my new album and for the new son release on February 1st, follow this link to: Jenn Minor Music Page

To check out February's Baltimore Snapshot by Nick Hanyok Imaging, and to see his other projects follow this link to:  Baltimore Snapshot: Nick Hanyok Imaging

Thank you for your support!

Love always,